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Uglies (Uglies, #1) - Scott Westerfeld **Minor spoilers**

I decided to wait until I was finished with the trilogy to write my review for this book, and, after a few painful hours of getting through Specials, I am finally done! Overall, I liked the series. I didn't love it, but I liked it. I think the reason I didn't love it was because it didn't actually feel like a trilogy. The books all went together and the plot moved forward with each book, but I felt like the story jumped around too much. Or, rather, Tally jumped around too much. I went through various stages of loving the character and absolutely hating her (mainly in the beginning of Uglies and all throughout Specials). I've never read a series where the character changed this much. Obviously, that is kind of the point of the books. Tally lives in a very controlled society and her mind has been altered many times, but this made it hard to stick with her and really connect. In the end, I LOVED Pretties, Uglies wasn't great at first, but got better, and Specials was incredibly frustrating.

After reading the entire series, I realized why I had such a problem with Uglies in the first half of the book. I thought maybe it had to do with the writing, or that the characters weren't very believable, but then I came to the conclusion that Westerfeld may have written the book like this on purpose. I could be way off, but the way I saw it was that the reader was meant to dislike Tally at first in order to hate the city and the Specials even more when we learned what was going on. Truthfully, I didn't really like Tally until Pretties. I couldn't stand her personality and how her mind worked, but of course, it wasn't her fault that she was stuck in a superficial mindset. When I was finished, I could appreciate her character more and I grew to love her in Pretties. Of course, everything was ruined by the time we got to Specials. SO MUCH FRUSTRATION.

All in all, this series was fun. I definitely wouldn't call it a favorite, but I would recommend to those who are into this type of story.